Coaching is primarily given to people who have made their profession out of singing. You have learned to sing but how do you manifest yourself on the current market and how do you communicate with your audience?
Manuela Ochakovski, with her many years of international experience can support you. Components of coaching are: repertoire-choice, working in different languages, audition training and communication training, interpretation, expression and acting.
Above the studio there are three comfortable bedrooms for those who want to combine a longer stay with multiple lessons. You will have your own bathroom. All daily meals are provided. These are a great opportunity to talk about music in many ways.
In addition to the singers from the Netherlands many others from Belgium, England, Switzerland and Canada have already found their way to ‘il Portamento’ in Wenum Wiesel, near Apeldoorn. Some of them are now employed as a soloist on national and international stages.
She is also available for professional coaching sessions in Brussels and London.
The lessons are given in Dutch, German, English, French or Romanian.

 Cecilia Bartoli en Manuela

Marie Angel
Manuela, I have to say, …
has been basically the best teacher I have been to, not only does she understand how ones state of well being is so intertwined with ones singing, she is incredibly musical and wonderful to create and develop repertoire with, but most importantly my technique has been transformed. She can explain support, something that defied me for years, she explains it in a wonderfully clear way. This is the basis to the whole thing. You can lift this here and pull that over there, but without really good support none of it works. Thank you Manuela.   Marie Angel, soprano, London

Rita Matos Alves
I started to work…
with Manuela about 4 years ago. Since then, my voice has completely changed. It sounds much richer in harmonics and it is much rounder. My voice has also gained a better sound projection and it has longer endurance. Manuela teaches how to sing “on the breath”. She has the ability to explain this fundamental point in a unique and comprehensive manner. This is truly the basis of legato and, after all, singing is legato. Breathing, supporting and projecting the sound is no long a mystery. But it remains the work of a lifetime.   Rita Matos Alves, soprano, Brussels